How to grab InLine picture from Outlook Emails


How can I extract an InLine picture from an Outlook E-mail (grabbed through an Exchange Connector) so that I can use it ?

I haven’t found a way to do this yet.

Thanks in advance!

expanding a bit on this question: when a mail contains some images inline (so not as a separate attachment), the result of the “Fetch mail” action is as follows:

  • there’s no attachment referenced in the “path to attachment column”, which makes sense
  • the body of the mail contains the structure below - with a reference to an image, but not the actual image itself.
    We were hoping the image would be contained in the message body as a Base64 string, but it seems not to be the case.

Any suggestions on how we could extract these inline images? Thanks!

It looks like a bug in EasyMorph. Embedded pictures are not saved as attachments if there are no other attachments. We’ll fix it soon.

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The problem has been fixed. Get an updated version from our website.

Hi Dmitry, all,

it seems we are still unable to fetch inline pictures. We’ve tested it both in and, but as you can see below, there’s no value in the ‘Path to attachment’ column. The fourth line in the table concerns an email with an inline picture.

I have attached a screenshot of the connector config. Is there any more info we can provide, or different settings we can try?



Hi David,

The bug was fixed only for the “Microsoft Exchange” and “Microsoft Exchange Online” connectors. Since you are connecting to Office 365, it should be possible for you to use the “Microsoft Exchange Online” connector instead of the current one.

Hi Andrew,
thanks for the update. We haven’t had the time to test the results with the Exchange connectors yet, but I’ll keep you posted.
For our info, would you include this fix on your roadmap for the other mail type connectors too?