How to generate links to download files from Server

Instead of sending large files to corporate users by email, downloading them from the Server via a link can be a better idea. You can easily insert a download link in an email using HTML. The download link has the structure as below:

http(s)://<host>:<port>/space/<space name>/files/get/<folder path>/<file name>

For instance


Can be inserted into the email body (in the HTML mode) as this HTML snippet:

<a href="http://em-server.local:6330/space/default/files/get/New%20folder/A%20subfolder/file.dset">Click to download</a>

If your users are going to analyze the files using EasyMorph, you can generate .DSET files. In this case, they will be imported into EasyMorph much faster as the .DSET format is native to EasyMorph.