How to find unused parameters

Is there a place in EM to locate unused parameters? Some of my models have too many parameters and I’d like to removed any not being used by the model.

You can do it with the “Project metadata” action. See the project below:

unused-parameters.morph (4.6 KB)

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Hello Dmitry,

I was also reviewing this and when I open the project I get this error:



Resave the project in a more recent version. Old versions didn’t digitally sign projects hence the error.

Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

I noticed one issue with this and that is parameters within parameters. Say I have a parameter {Today} with a certain date format and I use that parameter in a calculated parameter called {File}. It will show as unused when it’s in fact used in the {File} parameter.

I don’t think there’s a way to spot this, but it should be easy enough to go through each parameter. Unless you have another idea.

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Good point. We’ve added the column “Depends on parameter(s)” to the output of the “List parameters” command of the “Project metadata” action. The updated version is already available on our download page.

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