How To: Embedd Chart as Image in Email

Good morning -

I’m looking to use the chart functionality in EasyMorph and embedd that image in the email. However I don’t see an action to export the chart or interact with it other than on the screen.

Desired State would be exporting the data that builds the chart and add it as an attachment and show the visualization in the email to draw attention to the data.

Any thoughts on how to achieve?

Currently, it’s not possible to export chart images in a workflow. I’ve seen a customer who used the HTML mode and lots of expressions to produce a dashboard with (SVG?) gauges and charts in it, but that’s a lot of very tedious work. Very impressive, though.

Perhaps, it can be done using an Excel spreadsheet as a template, populate it with data in EasyMorph and then run some VBA macro to save a chart from the template as a file. This article can be a starting point: Running VBA Macros from the Excel Command action

Hello, adambeltz.

Dmitry is absolutely correct in saying that Excel can be used to receive the dataset and feed it into a chart template (using a combination of the Export to Excel and Excel command actions). That would get you a chart saved as a file (in Excel, a pdf, or as an image file).

Can I confirm with you whether you’re looking for the chart as an additional attachment, or embedded in the body of the email (so, say, the recipient would see it upon receiving the email)?

Thanks much.

Hi @CraigT -

I’ll take a look at the article that was linked. My vision was the embedded image in the email and the attachment with the data file.

Hi, adambeltz

That’s what it sounded like (embedded). Routing through Excel can definitely get you a populated chart that can be output/saved as an image file (.jpg, .png), but it may require some HTML “magic” to pick that file up and embed it into the email body. I, myself, am not familiar with the HTML part.

I may be completely off-base, but after some quick research, there may be a way to attach the chart pic, and then reference it within the email body so it displays. Again, novice here, so don’t quote me on that. :grin::+1: