How to configure advanced connection settings in the Oracle connector

Under the hood, EasyMorph uses the managed Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET ). Therefore, everything that is supported by ODP.NET should work in EasyMorph.

There are a few possible ways how to configure advanced Oracle connection settings in EasyMorph:

Configure and use TNS

Create/edit local tnsnames.ora file as described here:

Then use the Oracle connector in EasyMorph in the TNS mode and provide the name of a data source configured in tnsnames.ora:


For configuring TLS/SSL, read this Oracle docs article:

Use custom properties

Alternatively, specify additional connection settings using custom properties of the connector:


See this Oracle documentation page for all attributes supported by ODP.NET:

Data source can also be specified in custom properties using the same syntax as in tnsnames.ora: