How to clean text data from accented chars for comparison?


I try to compare fields name from 2 database.
Sometimes fields has been written with accented chars in old database and with fields name has been cleaned in new database.
In Easymorph, I have list of all fields in 2 tables and I try to merge this table to compare.

The aim is to find out which fields I need to migrate from one database to another.

I can try “upper” function to have same case but accents is already present.
Exemple : before : “Année” after : “ANNÉE”

I don’t find solution.

Do you have an idea

Thanks in advance.

See this topic: Map string and diacritical character mapping [DONE]


I have used only columns 2 and 3 from dataset and used action “Replace with lookup”.

Up to now, I’ve never found a use case for this action. Now I understand how it works.