How to bring back another column value using match

Hi, How do you pull in value of another column using MATCH? The results only shows that there’s a match in another table. How do you pull in another column value to find out which one it matched with?

For example I have Columns A and B in Table1 and Column C in Table2. Column C is not an exact match of Column A but it contains the data so I use the CONTAINS but I need to bring back the value in Column B. So the join won’t work in this case since they aren’t an exact match.

Anyone know how to do this?

Hi @daniela and welcome to the Community!

After you did the “Contains” matching, just add one more action to bring Column B. You can do it either with the “Lookup” action, or with the “Merge” action.

See the example below.
contains-merge.morph (3.3 KB)

Oh my gosh! That’s amazing! Thanks so much! :slight_smile: