How to add rows in EasyMorph

Is there an easy way for adding rows with own input data in EasyMorph besides the list action ?

The “Create list” action is the only way to enter data manually in EasyMorph.

You may want to consider using spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets) for manual data entry outside EasyMorph, and then loading and appending it in EasyMorph.


Yes, that’s what I have done. Any plans to introduce an add row feature. In some cases this could be very interesting.


How would you envision such feature working?


We should be able to create a table and input some data in it.
So a sort of a create table action which has soms default rows and columns + possibilitie to quickly add rows using tab key and adding extra columns as in excel.
Additionally if we could insert rows in an existing table in which we can edit the cells, that would be nice.

Is this input useful?
Thanks !

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