How to add an action to a tab

I have an existing tab with an action. I want to add another action. I created the action. The action can be run manually as an individual action.

But when we are trying to execute automatically, the action is not in the sequence. It is not executing. How can I add this action as a task of the tab so that when the tab executes, this action is also executed.

Hi Shankar,

If you’re only starting to use EasyMorph, it might be a good idea for you to go through a few first chapters of our tutorial here: Learn EasyMorph.

Thank you Dmitry. Can you be a little more specific about which page? I was searching for that page related to my issue, but could not find one.

See these pages:

I would recommend going through all pages in the Basic tutorial. It would take only half an hour, but you will be way more comfortable with EasyMorph.