How Do you (users) organize all of your .morph files?

Question to the community -

How do you organize all of your morph files?

I personally lump in a lot of different things but have a very tough time keeping track of when I do something interesting or unique that I want to ensure I reuse with minimal effort.

So example, Request Comes in for something, create a new folder (containing relevant information like the email, source file if necessary, then I create the .morph in that folder and build what is needed. The folder is then archived with hundreds of other projects never to be seen again

Hi Adam,

Interesting question ! I sometimes have the same kind of problem organizing all files. It’s not always easy to make the decision to keep files in 1 project folder or to move some of them into their own folder. It’s certainly a challenge when using EasyMorph for a really big project with many data flows involved.

Currently I use EasyMorph for two main purposes: ETL for our datawarehouse and replies to ad hoc data requests for which some automation is required.

For the ETL-part, I have created a standard project folder layout with some template easyMorph files. I copy the standard project folder when I start an ETL-project for a new data domain. When I notice that I need to build a module for some project for which I think it will be used later in other projects as well (e.g. module for address matching), I add it to my template morph files.
I always keep my morph-files separate of my source data and processed data. Since we have different layers in our datawarehouse: staging, operational data store, presentation layer, I have 1 morph file for each layer so that flows can be rerun separatly if required. To process the flows for the 3 layers, I create a separate morph file which calls the other morph files in the correct order. This simplifies the execution of flows on EM-server as well.

For the other type of usage of EasyMorph, I also create project folders. Usually I work with a folder for source data files, a folder for morph-files and a folder for output files to stay organized.

The project folders are tracked with git version control.

I hope the above gives you some inspiration.

Kind regards !