How do I pass a quote character to an external program?


I am sorry to disturb, but I cannot find the answer to that question in your community. I want to run an external program “TABCMD” (Tableau command line tool) to create reports. But I need to give him parameters that include quote characters. This is what I tried:

  • “tabcmd export “”” & …
  • "tabcmd export “” & …
  • “tabcmd export /”" & …

How do I create a string that contains quote characters in a calculated field?

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Hi Philipp,

single quotes and double quotes are interchangeable in EasyMorph. You can use single quotes to wrap text values that contain double quotes and vice versa. For instance

replace('"ABC"', '"', "'")

In your case that would be

'tabcmd export "' & …
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Perfect, thanks.