Hints to Preventing Saving "Exploring" Filters


We often use filters to explore whats happening inside tables and transformations.

Then we might actually make an intervention we want to keep, and so we hit save, forgetting about the original filter. That then inevitably causes headaches as we try to run the processes externally.

Do you have any hints/suggestions/ways of working that could prevent this? Like a way to “press a button” to indicate you just in a sandbox testing things out - etc…


In the project overview there a list of all filters in project with the ability to disable all/some of them. It was made exactly for this purpose – to make sure that there are no temporary filters left.


However, it’s typically a better idea to use sandboxes for data exploration. Creating a sandbox from an action’s output is as simple as pressing Ctrl + B.

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Thanks. Those are both helpful.

I noticed that if you save a project with a sandbox (and have operations in that sandbox) it will cause a run error (because there is no data in the sandbox once you close the project).

Just wondering why EM is programmed in that way - surely a sandbox should be treated as a table that does not run if there is no data in it? This is especially relevant as we using it to avoid saving false filters - its still a preferable approach of course, but just wondering as to why sandboxes can cause projects to fail - should they?

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EasyMorph currently behaves as intended, but I like your suggestion! It totally makes sense to disable calculations in a sandbox if it’s empty, and automatically recalculate them when the sandbox gets filled with data. That would be very convenient.

Thank you for the suggestion!