Hide .morph files / log / documentation in EasyMorph Server


Is it possible to hide the .morph files in the public folder and the task log / task documentation tabs in EasyMorph Server? I was wondering if it’s possible to make a 100% branded EasyMorph Server with the logo of an external company with no mention of EasyMorph or going into the logs / details of the tasks.

The idea would be to only execute tasks and then be able to see/download only the output files.

Thanks very much,


The task log and documentation are always visible, even in the "Lock task" mode. Hiding them isn't possible.

Projects can be located anywhere, not just in the public folder. If a project is not in the public folder, you will need to specify its location by pasting or typing its path in manually, instead of using the built-in file browser.

You can customize the logo, the header, and the CSS styles using a custom theme. See the "Admin guide" on how to apply a custom theme.