Headers and Values concatenated in separated string (like export csv)


my projects get parameters from a database. I would like to output the Parameter Header and values ​​in a “Status” Action for Logging.

After Synchronize logging, the SubProject should start (see Picture)

For this I would have to write the headers and values ​​in one parameter each.
Is that possible, or does the result have to be saved as csv and then read in again?
Need an Action “Concat to to separated value” with Option Header or Value :wink:

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To get the header and the value in the same row use the “Unpivot” action. Then you can just aggregate with concatenation.

See the example below:

concatenate-headers-values.morph (2.4 KB)

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Also, you can use the Status action inside the iterated project. The status messages pop up to the parent project automatically.

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Great, thank you again :slightly_smiling_face: