Halt Server task on error


I wonder if there is a possibility to halt a task on server when it failed.
Let’s say, we hava task working continiuously and it should just check whether a select-statement gives an empty result. In case of a result there is a mail notification to some users who should react. I wanted to notice these persons not every 5 minutes, so I thought about a setting on the server to stop continuing until someone reacts on the server.
Do you have any idea how to realize that scenario?

Beste regards,


Hi Jochen,

the “EasyMorph Server Command” action has the “Enable/disable task” command. So you can send an email notification, and then disable the task from running again.

Note, that in the next release (v4.5) we will have a new action called “Repeat”. This action will repeatedly call a module/project until/while it returns an empty dataset. The action will also make it possible to arrange scenarios like the one you described.

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Thanks. Haven’t seen this action yet, but it seems to be very useful.