Halt or pause dependencies

Is there a simple way to do this?

Can you elaborate a bit?

Hi Dmitry. Elaborating: If I am going to revise a table that has a lot of downstream dependencies (e.g., derived tables, merges, etc.), it would be nice to be able to pause all those downstream dependencies at one time. This way I can fiddle around upstream and perhaps insert new transform steps, etc. without changes automatically commencing the downstream transforms. I can always cancel EM from running once it starts, but figured there must be a simpler way to do this like in Python and R. I’m probably missing something.

Hi Rick,

thank you for the clarification. Currently, you can use the “Halt on condition” action to abort project execution on a condition (e.g. {Debug mode} = 'Yes').

Note that the action throws an error when its condition evaluates to TRUE which may be inconvenient in debugging scenarios.

In the next release (5.1), we will be introducing a new action called “Breakpoint” that will stop project execution more gracefully and will be intended for debugging and developing workflows in Desktop.

Perfect thanks!