Halt condition with iterate web request

i have a project that has a list of clients that I will be iterating through via api from a campaign management system but in addition for each client i need to iterate through all the communications sent to each client by descending order only capturing up to a certain date. Otherwise it would repull all communications I need to halt the iteration if the date has reached that threshold. ( I am only picking up the last few days of new communications sent to a client on a daily basis) . Trying to figure out if i need to use a repeat of a web request or iterate web request but how do you configure the halt based on results from a web request? Or a header project calling another project or a module. Help Dmitry!

It sounds like you would need two nested loops. The outer loop arranged using the "Iterate" action, and the inner one arranged using the "Repeat" action + "Web request".

Typically, when using "Repeat", the iterated module should have a conditional branching where one of the possible outcomes is an empty table. The "Repeat" action halts when the module outcome is empty (in the "Repeat UNTIL..." mode) or when the module outcome is not empty (the "Repeat WHILE..." mode).

Resources on the "Repeat" action:

Thank you! That helped!