Group two columns in one



You can see a screenshot of my data. I want to group these two columns in one. I try with an expression likte that :

if ([Commande ACR]="" (for empty),[Far],[Commande ACR]

And it doesn’t work. The new column is the same as “Commande ACR”.

Can you help me,

Thank you in advance

Have a nice day


Hi Karine,

The empty cells in the [Commande ACR] column are not empty text, but empty values (like NULL).

You should either compare the column with an empty value:

if([Commande ACR] = empty(), [Far], [Commande ACR]))

or use the isempty() function that will return true for both empty values and empty text:

if(isempty([Commande ACR]), [Far], [Commande ACR]))

Also, you can use a shorter version of the latter expression:

ifempty([Commande ACR]), [Far])

Hi Andrew

Thank you for all these differents solutions.

I choose the last one and it works.

Have a nice day…