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Google Cloud Mysql proxy


I need to connect to a mysql database hosted by a solution provider in the google cloud environment. It uses a proxy connection (see https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/mysql/connect-admin-proxy#windows-64-bit) with a json file containing the authentication parameters. I want to avoid having to run a command every time I want to connect. Is there a way to incorporate this in the easymorph steps through a task so that the connection through the proxy is made ? The mysql connector does not provide any of these possibilities as far as I’ve seen. It also need to run in easymorph server.


Hello Steven,

You can try to use the “Run program” command to start the Cloud SQL Proxy. And then use EasyMorph’s native MySQL connector to connect to that proxy.

If you are starting your proxy using TCP sockets, it seems that you can connect to it in a way similar to a connection to a regular MySQL server.

If you are using Unix sockets, it seems that you’ll have to define some custom connection options on the “Custom properties” tab of the connector settings. You can find a list of the supported options here. I haven’t tested the MySQL connector with the Cloud SQL Proxy, so at the moment, I can’t tell you what options are required. But feel free to ask me for any help regarding this matter.

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