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Git merge conflicts with morph-files


We track our projects with git. Sometimes we run into merge conflicts when we do for instance bugfixing on development branch and we want to pull this into feature branches or vice versa.
This occurs most often with branches with a long life span.

It is not always easy to decide when we look at the XML which part we want to keep (the part from the branch we merge into or the branch that is merged).

In most cases it is the meta tags that change and the question is: does it matter which version we accept ?

How can we decide easily on merge conflicts in morph files ?

For example the type of merge conflicts we run into.


The order of MetaColumn tags doesn’t matter. You can always accept a change that only changes the order.

ok thanks. Does it matter when metadata columns differ between versions ? Is suppose that makes a difference ?

Yes, it matters.

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