Getting the following Error

I am getting the below error on a query I am running on a ODBC connection that used to work up until today, please advise on remedial action:

Error: ERROR [22P05] ERROR: character with byte sequence 0xe2 0x80 0xac in encoding “UTF8” has no equivalent in encoding “WIN1252”;
Error while executing the query
Source: action “Import from database”, table “PostgreSQL - Query 1”

Hello Marius, and welcome to the Community!

That error looks like a database error that is not caused by EasyMorph.

Please make sure that the ODBC DSN that you choose in the connector was created with the “PostgreSQL Unicode(x64)” driver and not with the “PostgreSQL ANSI(x64)” driver.

If that won’t help, please try to run the same SQL query with the same ODBC DNS in some other software. Will it give you a similar error?