Get first digit from a given number

Hi Team,

We have requirement to print text value in a column based on first digit of another column in easyMorph.
For example - If column1 is starting with any digit under 6, then keep column2 as ‘0000’
else keep column2 as original value.

Note - Column1 has integer value.
Kindly let me know how to achieve this in easymorph tool.


Hi Mahantesh,

You can use expressions and functions in EasyMorph to modify existing columns or create new columns.

For instance, use the “Modify column” action with the following expression to modify [Column 2]:

IF asnumber(left([Column 1],1)) < 6 THEN '0000' ELSE [Column 2]

Hi dgudkov,
This is working as expected. Thanks for the suggestion.

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