Get Date from Year, Week and Day of Week

Hi, is there a function that determines the corresponding date from year, week and day?
First day of Week is Monday.

E.g. 5th day of week 52 in 2020

Input: 20205205 ​​–> Output: 25.12.2020



Hi Adrian,

how do you identify the week number? When does the 1st week start?

Year = four-digit, week = 1-53 weekday = 1-7 where 1 = Monday.
The week number is always defined on Thursday (the 4th day of the week).

If the first day of the year is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, their week is number 1.
If the first day of the year is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, their week is number 52/53.



See the project below. I tested the [Date] expression for a few cases, but it may need more testing.

weeknum-date.morph (4.8 KB)