Get data from RabbitMQ

Hi there,

I am an absolute newbie and frist heard of easymorph this Thursday, but I am completely flashed by this product. Really great tool! :slight_smile:
For me, would be very interesting (but I haven’t found any information about this) to receive messages from a rabbitmq queue. That would be awesome. Is it possible to connect and if so, could you explain how it should be done?
Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Hi Jochen,

It’s flattering to hear that you liked EasyMorph, thank you! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, at this point EasyMorph can’t receive messages from RabbitMQ. We’ve had a few requests for it but it’s not on our product roadmap yet.

If you know a utility that can receive messages from RabbitMQ and save them into a file (or convert into email messages) then it would be possible to call this utility from EasyMorph and then process the file or the emails by the standard means in EasyMorph.

Hi Dmitry,
Thanks for your quick reply. So sad to hear that it is not possible yet because I really wanted to have your product in use for our daily business in data warehousing.
I hoped that it would be possible to use the rest API to get the messages.

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I’m not familiar with RabbitMQ but if it has a REST API, then it may be possible to use it from EasyMorph with a bit of PowerShell scripting. See this topic Tip: How to call a REST API from EasyMorph.

Also, we’re working on a built-in action “Web request” that would allow performing REST API requests from EasyMorph without PowerShell scripting. The action will be available in the next major release.

Sounds great. I will give it a try with PowerShell and I am really looking forward for your ‘internal’ solution.