Generating Multiple Rows with one Row


I have a single row with value for every column filled. Now I want to extrapolate the rows into like 1000 rows with just change in couple of columns, like timestamp and value.

Is there a transformation that can do this? Or can you please suggest me a way to do it?

My intention is to have one input row, but output to 1000 rows or so.

Hi @kaleelahamed,

can you provide an example how a row should be extrapolated? How the extrapolated values are obtained?



Is that a cartesian product, a join operation with no matching column ?
then add a fake column in both table with a value at 1 and make the join on it.
Is that what you are looking for ?


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Hello thanks for the Reply.

Please find the attached excel which has one row of data, which I would like to extrapolate to like 1000 rows with different timestamp(current date + n …where n is like a variable runs from 1 to 1000). The excel I attached has source and target I am looking for.CommunityExample.xlsx (43.0 KB)

Here are two ways how this can be done:

One way is to use a fake (dummy) column to merge two tables, as suggested by @cvo.
The other way is to generate extrapolated rows and use Peek to bring the original values into the extrapolated rows.

generate rows.morph (7.8 KB)

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Hi Dmitry,

This works like a charm :slight_smile:

I used the first method for my need. Thanks.:ok_hand::ok_hand::+1:

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