Generate CommaSeparated Fieldlist

I want to generate a comma separated list of field names.
Currently I’m laborious saving a CSV file and read it again.

if possible, the project can be called as a Utility.

Or Is there a standard action to create Fieldlists whitout saving, reading again …?

Thanks in advance

See also examle.
ColumnNames.txt (85 Bytes)
GenerateCommaSeparatedColumnFieldList.morph (3.5 KB) GenerateCommaSeparatedColumnFieldList.txt (74 Bytes)

Hi Adrian,

You can use the “Table metadata” and “Aggregate” actions to do that.

The “Aggregate” action can only concatenate values with a comma. So if you need a space after each comma, you can use the “Modify column” action to add spaces.

Here is an example project:

CommaSeparatedListOfColumnNames.morph (3.0 KB)

Great!, That’s it!
thanks :+1:

… Things can be so easy if you just always get on it :relaxed::wink:

Hi Andrew,

is it possible to call CommaSeparatedListOfColumnNames.morph as a subroutine?

Table1 “Column Name” should be the Input for CommaSeparatedListOfColumnNames.morph

Is it possible by iterate or iterate table?

Thanks again,


Hi Adrian,

You can call it with the “Call another project” action with the Mode option set to “Return table”.