GA4s not loading


I’m loading data from multiple GA4 - and 2 of them loaded out of 12.

All the accounts have data.


Usually, if you encounter an empty ‘green’ table without any error or warning messages, it indicates that the Google Analytics API has returned a ‘success’ response with no data. This usually occurs when there is no data that meets the filters you have set up in the Action UI. For instance, there might be no data available for the selected timespan.

I would suggest double-checking the data’s existence by using Google’s Explore feature ( Navigate to the Explore option in the left panel and input the same timeframe, dimensions, and metrics as you have in EasyMorph Action.

I checked my accounts and i have data in the accounts except for the Explore section.

Do you know why it wouldn t carry over?

I can’t say for certain since I’m not a Google Analytics user, but it appears that, according to Google, there is no data that meets the criteria you provided. This could be attributed to various possibilities, starting with invalid Google Analytics tracking setup on your website. But at least it confirms that it’s not a problem with EasyMorph

Thanks for the help!

I’ll follow it up with them