Fuzzy Match with Multiple Results


When using Fuzzy Match, I have noticed that only 1 result comes back. Is it possible to have multiple results (if it fits in the specified "distance") be presented?

For example, I was given a possible new supplier name of "COBY" and we have "COZY" and "CODY" already loaded. Using Fuzzy Match (and a distance of "1"), only 1 of the existing names come back. Is it possible to have the results present both "COZY" and "CODY"?

Hi Justin,

If you do fuzzy matching the other way around - match existing vs new, then you can get multiple matches. However, this only works when there is only one match among the new names. Otherwise, you may need to do iterations (see Stage 2 in the example project below).

multiple-fuzzy-match.morph (7.8 KB)

Thank you - I will give that a try!