Function Append another table - error

i´ve got a problem with append another table. For example, i have 4 data rows and append 5 rows from another table. After that there are more than 9 rows if i want to filter something.
How could this be?

Thanks for help.
Regards, Michael

Maybe the function keep / remove matching / missmatching works wrong or are opposite?

Hi @MiWi,

can you please post a screenshot so that we can see what kind of data you’re appending. Or send your project with data files to our support email.


Hi dgudkov,
here are the actions i´m using. The yellow marked function appends data from above:

If i filter in table “AGG_AP_AZL_PRÜFEN_GESAMT” the column “FF_Ext_VNr” i should see 4 filteroptions.
In the following screenshot you can see that there are about 48 filteroptions:

Does the append function works wrong? The issue appeared after the update to 4.01 - before the update the project worked successful.


The bug has been fixed. Please download the updated version of Desktop (and Server) from our website:

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Thanks for fixing the bug. Now the jobs are working correct.