Full customization of Easymorph Server in command line


I don't think it's currently possible to install Easymorph Server somewhere else than in C:\ProgramData\Easymorph Server. The only thing that can be moved to somewhere else is the web part and the ems-cmd utility.

Here are the other folders still in C :

  • Catalog => can be moved after by changing the System Folder
  • config => can't be moved ? Inside config the settings.xml seems to control a lot of other things like logs folder. There is also a config.db but can't remember what it does
  • Logs : see above
  • Spaces => can be moved after by changing the System folder

Basically it would be good to choose the location of all of this, in the command line of the setup, not just a part of it. It would be good that everything in terms of configuration, even the creation of spaces why not, can be configured somewhere instead of using the GUI.

About the creation of spaces, maybe an easymorph server command action would be more suitable. it would enable to automate this creation and answer to users creation requests without needing a manual intervention.


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Just to "justify" the request. When you are in a prod architecture where you have an active and a passive server, the config folder being in C drive makes it complex to "synchronize" both servers because you need the same config in both servers. The problem is that the settings.xml file for example and if I remember well have a part that can be shared, but also a part that can not because there are server ids inside.

All of this makes it complex to switch from one server to another.

Hi Romain,

We're aware of the issue with system file locations - a few other customers also brought it up.

We are planning to make changes in how the location of the system files is configured. Currently, we envision it as follows:

  • Application executables should be separated from application data. Ideally, the application can be installed on one drive, and all the application data can be placed on another drive.
  • Application data should be consolidated under one system folder for easy backup. Log folders are specified separately as they need to be accessed by external incident monitoring services.
  • The location of this system folder will be configured in Server Monitor. It will not be possible to change the System folder from the web UI. This setting will be removed from the Server's web UI.

We are planning to add native syncing between "active" and "passive" servers in EasyMorph. It's the 1st major milestone in our high availability roadmap.

From a timeline perspective, we plan to start working on high availability after we migrate EasyMorph from .NET 4.7.2 to .NET 6 (or 8) in Q3. EasyMorph v6.0 will be the first release after the migration. The migration is a big change, so any estimates are approximate.

Active/passive syncing is expected to be implemented in around Q4 this year.

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