FTPS protocol not supported for downloads


I try to download files using an FTP over TLS connection, but it seems it is not supported despit documentation says FTPS protocol is supported (http://help.easymorph.com/doku.php?id=transformations:downloadfile)

I tried different things without success :

  • Use ftp:// and specify FTPS port (990)
  • Use ftps:// protocol (got this error “WebClient request. The URI prefix is not recognized.”)

Is there something I am missing ?


Hi Romain,

Thank you for reporting this. It seems that we will be able to fix it, but we have to run some tests first.

Hi Andrew,

Thank for the quick reply.
That’s a good news if you can fix it soon :slight_smile:

Waiting for the update !

I need to use FTPS now but with the download file action, we need to know the filename in advance.
How can we browse files in a folder when connecting with FTPS ?
Is there a connector available ?

Is it possible to connect by SSH to the server you’re downloading from?

Apparently not. Only FTPS is supported.

SSH is not related to FTP, it’s just a way to establish a secure connection between two computers. It’s usually supported by many servers, including Linux and Windows serves. Can you please ask the server owners.