From independent project to called module


Imagine you have an independent project having an excel source with 3 columns. You want to transform that into a generic module to call because you think this project will be used a lot.

In that case that would be good that you can right click on the excel import action and be able through a contextual menu to transform the action into parameters (simply text and dates). When you do that, the import action is removed and parameters are automatically created.

In this way it becomes very easy to make a project “generic” and usable by other projects.

Of course you can also use the input action and no parameters. But in easymorph this input action can only be used in combination with iterate action, not with call action. If you use call action you need parameters to pass values (am I right ?).

Another solution would be to create a new “call project” action that uses the input action of another project/module instead of parameters.

What do you think ?

As far as I remember, the “Call” action can send datasets to the called module via the “Input” action in the called module. I have to check it.

Well if that’s the case, that is a solution and I would discover something more :slight_smile:
Can you also check if the call project/module action can use itself as an input table ?

I checked it – yes, the “Call” action can pass a dataset into the called module/project too. See below.

call-input.morph (3.4 KB)

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I’m learning things every day ! My feature request would rather be to have a short description evoking this :slight_smile: even if it’s explained in the web help as I have just seen.