Freeing some chunks of memory

After a batch of data has been loaded, Easymorph never release any chunk of memory until the project is open, doesn’t it?

Is it possible to free some memory, consolidating some tables at an advanced stage, renouncing to process the previous stages?

Thank you so much for your answer

EasyMorph manages memory differently depending on the application.

Desktop usually keeps the result of every action in memory so that you can click any action and instantly see its result which is very helpful when designing a workflow. However, when calling/iterating a module, the memory used by the module is immediately released after the call/iteration is finished.

Launcher and Server release memory as soon as computations are finished. It should be noted that when memory is released by EasyMorph it may not necessarily mean that it’s immediately released by Windows. Windows has its own algorithms of memory management and may keep chunks of memory reserved (pre-allocated) even when the application has released them.

You can move a part of the workflow logic into a separate sub-project and then call that project from the main workflow. In this case, when the call is finished, the memory used by the subproject will be released.

If you have EasyMorph Server, you can run some calculations as a Server task and bring the result to your local computer. The “EasyMorph Server command” has the “Run task” command for it.