Format from database field


i want to know the format from a database field (e. g. text, number, …). How can i do that? Is there a transformation or should i use a sql code to read the format?



Hi Michael,

There is no dedicated action for importing formats of DB fields. You should try to use “Import from database” action with a custom SQL query.

Also with most of the DBMSs it’s possible to use Visual mode of Query Editor to query columns metadata from a table or view, located in a system schema like “information_schema”.

But you should have in mind, that tables from system schemas usually are not displayed in DB tables lists because system schemas are automatically blacklisted by EasyMorph when you create new SQL connector.

So, most likely, in order to be able to use Visual mode of the Query editor with metadata tables, you’ll have to remove metadata schema from connector’s schemas blacklist.

In both cases (Visual query and custom SQL), DB user, specified in you DB connector, should have enough permissions to query metadata tables.


Thanks Andrew.

I´ve tried it with the custom sql but i haven´t enough permissions.

Regards, Michael