Flattened BOM to Multi-level BOM

Hi Community,

I have a use case to convert Flattened BOM to Multi-level BOM.
Here are two background information:
PLM, product structure and multi-level BOM. Let’s sort it out…
[BOM Types]

From Input - Flattened BOM, generate an Output - Multi-level BOM.
See attached snapshots.

I could almost there in EasyMorph. The problem is, I could not make the item name to show in the output area. I could make them if I modify them with Excel VBA codes.

Just wondering how I could make them in EasyMorph?

Thanks for your help in advance.
Br. Cambridge


Should work like this. I guess you only have to change the behaviour of the Pivot action.

MultiLevelBOM.morph (3.5 KB)
MultiLevelBOM.xlsx (10.1 KB)



Many thanks Jochen!
Now I learn this “Any” value in Pivot table, brilliant!

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Hi Cambridge,

Just be aware that your input BOM is not flattened but recursive.
A flattened one would directly link top level to lower levels : the left column would only contain “item number 1”.
I suggest you could have a look to the “Repeat” transformation, this will help you to handle all the tree structures.


Thank you cvo. I got your great input.

Br. Cambridge