`Fit to window` option in CSViewer?


Is it possible to set Fit to window in CSViewer in somehow?
I see Fit to content button but not Fit to window
This would be extremely useful.

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Hi Luk and welcome to the Community!

What would it do?

You mean what would be the benefit of that?

Hmm, better visibility for someone with a specific eye condition (like me).
Thanks to the large space between in columns, I am able to read the values much more comfortably.

I know I can do it manually by moving the columns, but an option with fit to window would be faster

I mean, what would happen when the user clicks “Fit to window”? Would the widths of all columns increase proportionally to fit to the window? Or only the current column would stretch to the full window width? Or something else?

I’m trying to understand what your proposal is about from a practical perspective.

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant

Got it. Thank you.