First Time Server Version Update

This will be my first time updating EasyMorph Server. I’m currently on and see that 5.5 has recently been released. I was looking for a guide on how to update, but I’m only seeing a few posts in the community but nothing outlining how.

Is it as simple as just running the setup.exe? I see no explicit option in the server admin to take a backup, but I’m running in a VM so I can just backup the VM.

Do I need to be concerned about the server license/license pack - does the upgrade see this as already installed an not needing to be re-installed after the upgrade?

Specific stepwise instructions with good practices would be greatly appreciated.

The Server update process is described in the Server Admin Guide that usually comes with the Server installer and is also available on the Server download page.

Basically, it says that unless it’s explicitly stated in the Release Notes, you can update your Server just by rolling the new version over the existing ones. The Server service should be stopped before updating and re-started after. Everything will keep working as usual unless the Release Notes explicitly mention something that has to be done/re-configured manually. So make sure you read the Release Notes before updating.

Of course, creating a backup of the VM is always a good idea before updating. Note that Server license is linked to the machine name, so if you will have to restore the VM from a backup, make sure that the machine name doesn’t change.

You can always request a trial license from to test the new Server version on a separate machine (e.g. restored VM) before updating your production Server.