Find in Transformations - table / project level

I know the existing ‘Find in Transformations’ LHMC option exists at a field level but something similar at a table (or project) level would be good, as well as an alternative output format (in addition to the ‘go to’ window).

This would help with data lineage.

Having this as part of the generated documentation would also be good (in addition to an app window)


I agree, at least I think we’re talking about the same thing…for some broken out projects, it would be useful if the “Find Actions” button in the Main menu would allow searching for Tables throughout an entire project; potentially even including modules now as well (but at least current project/module).

The reason being for me at least is that… if I’m troubleshooting a failed project (i.e run via server) that someone else built, while i know which table the error occurred, I may not know where that table is…

Hi Aaron @jaws2k,

Did you try using the list of tables in the module overview?


Ahhh… I learn something new every day :slight_smile: