Find a match for Keywords from other table

Hi Dmitry
Is there a way I can use keywords with ; separator in 1 column to compare multiple fields.

For instance: (tblkeywords)
Row 1: plan; schedule; planner
Row 2: Risk; assurance; integrity

Look in TblData in 3 columns (Cost Center, Position, FA)
Pick up any of the words above, mark record - i.e - put a value in.

Any suggestions is welcomed

Hi Rykie,

I would split the key words into rows using the “Split delimited text into rows” action. This would produce a list of all keywords.

Then I would use the “Match” action in the “Contains” mode to find all matches in the key data. Note that “Match” picks only the 1st match, even if value contains several matches. You can see it in the example below:

match-words.morph (2.5 KB)


Thank you