Filter with empty value and equality operator

Hi all,
I can’t understand why it is so difficult to apply a filter on numeric column with empty values, probably there is something I lost…

This is my first condition:

Then I tried with:

The only way I found is:
[EC1]=0 OR [EC1]=1 OR [EC1]=2 OR [EC1]=3 OR [EC1]=4 OR [EC1]=5

But it seems very strange to me it is the only way…

Could you please help me and clarify how to manage empty values in expressions with operators?

Thank you

An empty value is not comparable to a number by design. This helps detect unexpected empty values. However, because of that, a filtering condition must do type-checking first. Here are examples of correct expressions for your case:

IF not isempty([EC1]) THEN [EC1] <= 5 ELSE false()


if( isempty([EC1]), false(), [EC1] <= 5)

If you only need to select a few integers, I would suggest using the simple “Filter” action.