Filter Pane Filters to Action Filters

Would be nice if there was an easy way to convert Filter Pane Filters into Action Filters that can be incorporated into our load script.

But if there is a way to do this already, then it’s not obvious, so maybe make the feature easier to find.

You can right-click the title bar of a filter and select “Add as action”. This will create the Filter action.

What would be your suggestion to make this feature easier to find?

Thanks for pointing this out Dmitry.
To answer your question - I would suggest putting a text button/link labeled ‘Add as action’ between the filter icons at the bottom of then filter box after a selection has been made. This would also make it more consistent with the verb-menu that already appears when you right-click.

The reason is that the other filter buttons have the same icon as the Filter Action and I found myself clicking on those buttons first to see if they would do this.
I’ve highlighted the region in this screen cap below.