Filter by condition on multiple values


Apologies for this question but I am trying to filter by condition on multiple values and I am not sure how to do that.

I know how to do that with one value but not sure how to achieve that with more than 1 values.

I want to use the filter by condition action - and fill up a corresponding column only if the condition is satisfied.

The condition is - if the Location column contains GB OR JPY

If I use - contains([Location), ‘GB’) then it works fine but when I tried to use more than one values - contains([Location], ‘GB, JPY’) then it doesn’t work. I have tried various combinations of the above formula but it still won’t work. So clearly I am doing something wrong.

I tried to look it up online but could find an example which filters by only one value, hence this post. Apologies for causing any inconvenience.

Can someone please help?

Thank you

A few examples that should work:

[Location] = 'GB' or [Location] = 'JPY'


in([Location], 'GB,JPY', ',')

Note that contains([Location), ‘GB’) returns true not only for "GB" but also for "GBR" or any other text value that contains GB.

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Hi dgudkov,

Ah I get it now, thank you so much for your quick response :slight_smile: