FillDown / FillUp / Compress XML (multiple Files)

we have a lot of XML files with different structure (XSD). At the moment you have to think about a different approach to each XSD (filldown, deduplicate…) An action “Compress Table” would be great, which compresses all columns (fillup, filldown …) It would also be nice to have a “best practice” post with examples specifically about XML in the community.

Steps to compress are always the same:
for Example …

  1. enumerate
  2. Filldown with Group (e.g. Message-ID, Filename … → Should be a Parameter)
  3. Sort Rownow
  4. Filldown
  5. Sort Rowno desc
  6. Remove several rows, that are note unique (e.g. RowNo )
  7. Remove empty Columns (empty XML-Nodes)
  8. Deduplicate


→ If there were an Action witch includes the 8 Steps would be great.