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Filemaker integration

I am trying to do an api call to a layout in a filemaker database. With filemaker it requires you to open a connection, get the token from that call, execute your query and delete the connection. Do you hace any examples of Easymorph integrating with a Filemaker Pro Database via API?

Hi Cris,

I don’t have an example of integration with Filemaker Pro. Maybe I can help you set it up? How far have you advanced with it?

I have the 3 api codes in postman that are required to make a connection,query and then close connection. let me put it in a test environment if you wouldnt mind taking a look at it.

Sure. Please do.

I checked out the API docs, everything seems to be doable with EasyMorph so far.

do you have any examples I can use for opening the connection, getting the token and closing it? Any other related ones that connect that way?

I suspect EasyMorph handles Basic HTTP Authorization automatically, so you don’t have to deal with the token at all. I will ask our development team if it’s the case.

For starters, create a “Web location” connector, and set it to use the “Basic HTTP” connection. Provide your credentials in the connector.


Then, use the “Web request” action to send a web request to this endpoint to open a session: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/18/en/dataapi/#connect-database_log-in


The body tab should be just a pair of empty curly braces, as per the documentation.

In the Response tab, chose “Return response as the action result”

If everything is set correctly when you run the “Web request” action, it should return a 1-row table and HTTP status 200 OK.

Once you get to this point, we’ll continue further.

Hi Cris,

I’m curious if you finally managed to pull data from Filemaker with EasyMorph?

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