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File / Folder Metadata


It would be great if EasyMorph had a way of fetching Metadata from a file.

A good use for this would be in creating a process that determines the latest file (e.g. Excel) in a directory, then passing the filename into the parameter of another process.

Other uses would be fetching Metadata such as Created By (or maybe EXIF data for images) for files in a directory and being able to store it in a database table.

I have done something similar in SSIS using the System.IO .Net library




Hi Daniel,

It’s already possible to obtain basic metadata using the “Generate File List” transformation. Below is an example of getting the latest Excel file in a directory.

Latest Excel file.morph (2 KB)

Getting EXIF metadata is something to think about. One idea is that we will be adding a “PowerShell Command” transform soon. If there are .NET libraries that can be used in PowerShell for extracting EXIF metadata that could solve the problem.