File / Folder Metadata

It would be great if EasyMorph had a way of fetching Metadata from a file.

A good use for this would be in creating a process that determines the latest file (e.g. Excel) in a directory, then passing the filename into the parameter of another process.

Other uses would be fetching Metadata such as Created By (or maybe EXIF data for images) for files in a directory and being able to store it in a database table.

I have done something similar in SSIS using the System.IO .Net library



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Hi Daniel,

It’s already possible to obtain basic metadata using the “Generate File List” transformation. Below is an example of getting the latest Excel file in a directory.

Latest Excel file.morph (2 KB)

Getting EXIF metadata is something to think about. One idea is that we will be adding a “PowerShell Command” transform soon. If there are .NET libraries that can be used in PowerShell for extracting EXIF metadata that could solve the problem.

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