Field Type in PowerBi Uploading


We are starting to use the new feature of uploading to PowerBi

I see the place where you specify the field type. My issue is that I have a field that I want displayed as a percentage within powerbi. I know “percentage” might not be a field type, but the problem is that once the data is uploaded to powerbi, I cannot “format” the field further within PowerBi Desktop. This means that in all cases where I use the field in a report, it shows as a decimal.

I can’t get it to show as a percentage

Any tips?

EasyMorph does not currently support column format customization for Power BI columns. Also, seems that there is no way to format such kind of columns in Power BI Desktop.
But you could try a workaround:

  1. Create a new measure based on a required column divided by 100.
  2. Set the column format for the newly created measure to Percentage
    (The tab Modeling in Power BI Desktop ).

that work around does work thanks -