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Fetching attachments from emails

Hello Community,

it seems that i have a problem fetching attachments from emails.

In a project I need to fetch emails and get their attachments.
The email is fetched by a Connector of type ‘Email Server’ over encrypted IMAP.
For testing I fetch the last 2 messages.

Both emails have .zip-Files attached but only one attachment is recognized by EasyMorph.
‘Fetch attachments’ is checked.

I tried both options:
- For each message create e new temporary subfolder with attachments
- Save all attachments from all messages into one folder

In both cases only the attachment of one email is recognized.
All other data like sender, recipient, subject, text and message size is received correct from both messages.

Can you help me with this problem?

Hello @User1,

Most likely zip file is not fetched because email has an internal format that’s not fully supported by EasyMorph.

Is it possible for you to send the email message which is not fetched correctly to our support email?

Thanks for the answer.
Are these files not fully supported yet or isn’t it planned to be implemented?
Sorry it is not possible to send you the email because it contains sensitive data.

@User1, I can’t tell for sure without seeing internals of that message. EasyMorph should be able to fetch all the attachments from email messages which compile to the appropriate standards. On the one hand, it’s possible that some edge cases were not taken into account by the library, which is used internally by EasyMorph to parse emails, on the other hand, all the reported issues regarding attachments fetching were caused by corrupted or non-standard messages.

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