Fetch - Move to different existing email folder [DONE]

In using action Fetch, it would be great if you can move the emails from one folder to another after existing email folder after fetching the data.



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I’d like to bump this one. I know its old but read or delete as the options after fetching are a bit scary on a personal inbox (beyond user’s control)

Value Statement
As an End User, I would like to scan my inbox for subject line “Sales Report” and process it Then move it to a “Processed” Folder to signal completion.

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It looks like moving to another folder shouldn’t be done in the “Fetch email” action because if processing fails at some point, the email should remain in the inbox.

So it looks like it should be done in a separate action (Email command? Exchange command?) that would only run when the workflow reaches a point where processing can be considered successful.

That makes sense to me and more flexible.

Thanks, Dmitry - that would be fine

Hi @dgudkov,

I am also looking for a such an action. We are processing supplier invoices received by email to automatically upload PDFs (attachments) into SAP ByD and have them scanned. Today I am “playing” with the read/unread status to show users an email has been processed but it’s not totally reliable as done directly when fetching the emails, not after processing. Being able to move an email during / after processing will be much better.
By the way, I don’t know if possible, but having an unique ID retrieved during the Email fetch would also help to manage the emails at the end of the process.

Any luck we can have that implemented in a near future ? :sweat_smile: :muscle: :crossed_fingers:

Thanks a lot !

Hi Dmitry,

any news/plan on that feature request ?


We did a feasibility study and, as a result, added the “Email command” action to the middle term roadmap. The action will include the following commands:

  • Move to folder
  • Mark read
  • Mark unread
  • Delete

Awesome ! Thank you so much for taking our request into account :+1:


The "Email command" action is confirmed for the next release (5.7). It's actually almost ready, we're making final fixes.


Just tested and it works like a charm as usual with EM !

Thanks a lot.