Fetch emails - Last 2 or last hour - Received date


I connect to a gmail account that receives an email every 7 minutes.

When I use fetch last hour - it does not provide any records.

When I used last 2 messages, I do not get the right record set.
i.e. date received will show
2020-11-24 11:43:39 and
2020-11-24 11:38:53

In my gmail account, the latest emails are:
2020-11-25 6:16
2020-11-25 6:23

Any suggestions.


Hi @Rykie,

This may be some kind of a timezone issue.

Do you know when those emails were actually received in the timezone, set on your computer?
If no - please send another message from a different account and send use actual “Received” date and time and “Received” date and time, displayed in Gmail and EasyMorph.

Have you changed the timezone of your computer recently?

Can you please send the headers of those messages to our support email? In order to do that
you’ll have to open an email in the Gmail interface, then open the actions menu and choose “Show original”:

On the Original message page, you can just click the Copy to clipboard button and paste copied content to a new message. If you can’t share that message with us, you can remove the actual content of that message from the pasted text. Also, you can remove all the headers that don’t contain dates.


Thanks, Andrew.

Yes, I agree this is an timezone issue.
No, I did not make any changes to my timezone.

This is a new Easymorph that I am setting up.

I forwarded an email to support.
You were correct. The send date is set at PST and my timezone is AEST.


Hi Andrew

Any update / suggestion on how to take this forward?


Hi Rykie,

I replied to your email to support a few days ago.

Can you please tell me what timestamp EasyMorph displays for the message whose headers you sent to our support email?

Hi Andrew

This is what I send to support:

Received: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 03:47:54 -0800 (PST)
Display as: Wed, 25 Nov, 21:47

Is this what you are after?



Hi Andrew

Just tested this again. The emails are now showing up.
I do not know what happened and why this displayed the way it did.

I can continue to work.
I will let you know if it happens again.

Many thanks


Hi Andrew

I think it was user error on my side, as it has not happened again.