Fetch emails from shared email boxes [DONE]

Hello all,

Is it possible to fetch email information like from, sent, received, last modified date etc. from shared email addresses mapped to my mail account? I have 4 email accounts mapped which are used by different teams.

Hello @vaibhavtandon87,

Shared email boxes are currently not supported.

@andrew.rybka - Is it by any chance in scope for future releases?


can you please provide a bit more details on why you need it and how you would use it? I’d like to get an idea about the level of necessity.

Thank you.

Hi @dgudkov,

A task has been handed over to my department as described in high level below:

  • Receive invoice specifications from suppliers as csv files
  • convert csv to xlsx
  • move xlsx to recipient specific folder on FTP server
  • pull totals from different xlsx files and consolidate in new file
  • report on totals

All this is done manually by one resource every week. The CSV files sent from suppliers are now sent to a named user, and I will change this to a shared mailbox.

I’m thinking EM can support the whole flow, but just learned that shared mailboxes are not supported.

A workaround I’m considering, is to make a macro in Outlook, that takes all .csv attachments and dumps them on a specific location on a shared drive, triggered by a rule in Outlook.
EM can then do file operations from that folder, and move processed .csv’s to another location.

The shared mailbox support is currently nice to have, but I’ll test intended workaround to clarify if it will change to need to have :slight_smile:

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